Custom Butchering and Processing


Falls Meat Service offers full service of butchering and processing of beef, pork, and lamb.  We are one of the few full-service butchers in the area with over 45 years of experience.  State Inspected.

Locally Raised Beef, Pork, Lamb


Locally raised beef sold by the quarter, half, or whole.  Locally raised hogs and lambs sold by the half or whole.  Available year round and always guaranteed!

Full Venison Processing


Falls Meat Service offers full processing of venison.  Bring in your whole deer for cuts and sausage.  After hours services available throughout the season and sausage produced year-round.

Award Winning Sausage and Quality Fresh Meat Products


Falls Meat Service offers a full-line of cured and naturally smoked sausages.  Products are made in-house and are made with the highest quality meats.

Wholesale and Retail Services


Falls Meat Service products can be found in over 45 local stores and restaurants, as well as, our retail store in Pigeon Falls.  

If you are a vendor looking to carry our products please contact us. 

Special Events Products


From pulled pork and beef, to coleslaw and potato salad, Falls Meat Service offers convenient, ready-to-eat products for your family and business get-together.  We can help you plan for your graduation parties, weddings, and more.